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I have worked as an artist for seven years working both independently and, since 2010, as part of the Institute for Boundary Interactions (IBI). My work explores relationships between people places and things, and the ways in which cultural meanings are formed between them. My practice often operates through collaborative processes to develop projects with one or more outcomes.

Often working in the public realm through film, print and sculptural interventions I have often work in collaboration with other artists, designers, and other specialists and members of the public as a process for developing and realising projects. I am interested in the the development of collective cultural narratives, their meanings, and the ways in which these are embedded within public space, both physical and virtual. I have recently produced public works for Wasteland Twinning Nottingham, Unit 7 and the Govan graving docks in Glasgow, and Poly-Technic in Sheffield.

In 2010 I co-founded IBI, an interdisciplinary research collective that uses science, technology, art and design as a means of exploring complex connections between people and their environment. IBI have produced a number of public realm commissions, for Making Future Work at Broadway Cinema, Nottingham, Nottingham Playhouse and for Ordinary Culture’s Dukes Wood Project.