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In Their Home Each is King

In Their Home Each is King was commissioned as part of The Heraldry Project by YH485 Press for which twelve artists were commissioned to produce a new heraldic coat of arms for Great Yarmouth. Drawing on architectural forms found in the leisure center that sits in the middle of Great Yarmouth’s promenade conflated with imagery of ‘god’s city in the sky reserved for true believers’. The heraldic image is completed with a motto taken from a portuguese folk saying which translates as In Their home Each is King, questioning the true heritage of the town which currently has a large empoverished portuguese community.

The design seeks to consolidate the reality of the town’s segregated impoverished minority communities of the town with the idealistic ambitions for a modern egalitarian community promoted by the council that many of the minority groups traveled to Yarmouth in search of. The design was produced as a 3D animation and was also produced as a limited edition print by YH485 Press.